In today’s generation, sex is running rampant. Although unwanted pregnancy rates has gone down, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases has escalated. As a person who is sexually active, you should be conscious and should take control to your sexual health and safety. Going into an unprotected sexual intercourse is not worth the risk. You have to know the things that you should do and the things that you should avoid. The search for information is over, we got it here for you. Read more to become more aware.

When we say, “safer sex” it is about having the conscious mind to protect ourselves and our partners from sexually transmitted infections. Through practicing safer sex, it will help you stay healthy and even better sex experience! If you have no background about sexually transmitted infections or STIs, these are infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual activities. You can get it through oral, vaginal, anal sex, or even skin-to-skin contacts of the genitals. There are a number of methods that can help you and your partner practice safer sex. Below are the following methods you can apply:

Avoid having multiple sexual partners. If you cannot abide with this method, the least you can do is choose a partner who does not put all the responsibility for safer sex on you. Your sexual partner should be comfortable in safety discussions.

Get regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections. Testing is part of safer sex. Some do not experience symptoms. This method protects you by letting you know whether you have it or not, by this you will get the right treatment to stay healthy.

Bring your own condom! Even if you are a female, bring your own condom. Do not rely on a partner to have sex barriers with them. Always have your own supply. These sex barriers cover parts of your genitalia, and protects you and your partner from the bodily fluids that can be a mode of transfer for sexually transmitted infections.

If you have found out that you acquired a sexually transmitted infection, it is best to know safer sex practices to avoid passing it on! Here is a short checklist to protect your partners:

  • ALWAYS use condoms and dental dams during sexual intercourse (may it be oral, anal, or vaginal).
  • If you are experiencing the symptoms, do not engage in sexual intercourse.
  • If you have not started your treatment, consult a doctor.
  • If you have a curable sexually transmitted infection, finish your treatment!
  • If you have an incurable sexually transmitted infection, consult with your doctor and avoid spreading it to your partner. You can use condoms during sexual intercourse.

These information do not intend to scare you. This provides awareness for you to practice safer sex and even better sex. Safer sex may not be the easiest thing to do, but believe us, this is an important one. Do not be ashamed if you find this difficult. It gets easier with practice.