You know, safe sex is not a problem with escorts. Escorts are safe. However, if you want to have a safer sex practice. These sexually transmitted disease comes with paying money or getting sex for free. Thus, here is a short checklist for you to be safe. Remember, no disease or infection is worth the risk!

Bring your own condom. Although escort girls probably have their own, but do not rely on them. Always have your own supply!

Discuss basic limits and boundaries regarding safer sex. This is most likely to be done before sex. You can discuss it with them. These things are non-negotiable and are highly important, make them truly understand your concerns. Making them aware of safer sex makes it part of the sex, some safer sex practices becomes an interruption for sex. An example of this is putting on condoms.

If you want to make sure, you can engage on low-risk activities, wherein you can build rapport and communication with your escort.

Do not feel bad about this, it is easier to be safe than be ashamed that you want safer sex.